Senior Football Club
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  • Masters

    Masters football is played for fun, not awards or premiership points. However, in line with the AFL Players Association MVP, the Masters Players have chosen to have their own “Players Player” in recognition of outstanding service and sportsmanship to the Eels Masters cause.

    2011 Adam McGrath N/A N/A
    2012 Tony Barber Craig Reeke Jeremy Thorn
    2013 Adrian Hughes Craig Reeke Gavin “The Rat” Colbourne
    2014 Adrian Hughes Jeremy Thorn Paul Menaglio
    2015 Adrian Hughes Shane Glanville Michael Dann
    2016 Adrian Hughes Jimmy Wilkins Paul Menaglio
    2017 Adrian Hughes Mark Fitzgerald Jeremy Thorn
    2018 Adrian Hughes Matthew Dolliver Paul Cappa
    2019 Adrian Hughes Paul Menaglio Matthew Dolliver
    2020 Adrian Hughes Matty Ross James “Laz” Lowrie
    2021 Adrian Hughes