Senior Football Club
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  • The Jumper / Club Song

    The Club Song

    Written by Justine & Vaughan Roberts

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    Ellenbrook is mighty and we’re full of Aussie pride
    We’ll take the marks and score the goals
    And kick their wretched hides
    When they try and take us on we’ll nail them to the floor
    Ellenbrook your heroes
    And we’re here to make you…..ROAR

    Champions forever cos the spirit never dies
    We chase that dream of victory
    To hold the cup up high
    So open up the bar boys we’ll celebrate some more
    Ellenbrook your heroes
    And we’re here to make you…..ROAR

    The Jumper

    The Eels playing jumper came about, like us, by means of evolution. When the inaugural side ran out in the first game in 2001 they were wearing Footscray Jumpers which were loaned to them by the league that the club was in at the time, the Mercantile. Melbourne jumpers were also used until about half way through the season until LWP bought a set of Fremantle jumpers for the boys to play in. This was because the Juniors were playing in Freo jumpers and LWP wanted the Seniors to be the same. These were also used in the 2002 season.
    In 2003, one of the then players, Ray Cappeau, designed our current unique jumper. As you can see from the image, the bulk of it is dark blue and the Eel logo is in the same colour scheme as the Fremantle logo.
    This represents where the club is now but still remembers our origin.