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  • 2017 Founders Medal Vote Count and Award Winners

    Posted on September 19th, 2017 Whitey No comments

    Vote Count

    2017 Founders Count

    Life Membership

    Jesse Manning
    Ronnie Hobbs


    Founders Medal Winner – Duncan Rodger
    Runner Up – Brad Pleysier and Daniel Ashby
    Leading Goal – James RK
    Coaches Award: Rhys RI
    Rookie of the Year: Tristan Edmonds


    B&F: Josh Satie
    Runner up: Jamie Stack
    Leading Goal Kicker: Patrick Casey
    Coaches Award: Michael Taylor


    B&F: Rory Chittleborough
    Runner up: Paul Saylor
    Leading Goal Kicker: Paul Cappa
    Coaches Award: Nathan Jarvs Jarvington


    B&F: Xavier Kickett
    Runner up: Michael Hedlam
    Leading Goal Kicker: Jordan Peach
    Coaches Award: Tye Eades


    Players Player: Mark Fitzgerald
    Runner up: Jeremy Thorn
    Most Improved: Mark Laitt

    Club Awards

    Best Clubman: Scott Carney
    Volunteer of the Year: Richard Lee
    Appreciation Awards: Georgia Saylor, Eden Franklin, Davin Baxter Leigh Trish Farrow

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